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orangesA restorative diet to support an optimal health consists of whole foods and avoids processed foods. It is as simple as following these tips:  Include a wide variety of colorful vegetables and fruits in every meal.  Herbs and spices can give interesting flavors and aroma to otherwise boring dishes, plus adding nutrients and even healing properties. Legumes and grains can be great sources of protein and can make great side dishes too.  When choosing meats as the main source of proteins in the diet, it is best to go for quality over quantity. Healthy fats like olive oil can be used in moderation for cooking or can be added to vegetables, salads and even fruits to increase flavor.  Added refined sugars, low fiber carbohydrates like white flours and all types of sweetened beverages should always be avoided as they are linked to inflammation and hormonal disturbances in the body.  Lastly, drinking enough pure water is very important to keep all body functions in check.  

depositphotos 4781067 stock photoDid you know that the way we eat is also very important for our health?  Our meal times could be affected by different types of distractions or multitasking.  Eating in the car, or while using an electronic device, or while reading, are some examples.  

pulling teethIn traditional orthodontic treatments a common approach is to recommend pulling out some of the permanent (adult) teeth to make room in a crowded dental arch.  The most common teeth to be removed for orthodontic reasons are the four first bicuspids.  The dental arches are the bones that contain the teeth.  The upper arch is the maxilla and the lower arch is the mandible.  The balance between the tongue, cheeks and lips muscles forces are important for the development and the shape of the dental arches.  A complete adult dentition consists of 32 teeth.  Four incisors, two canines, four bicuspids and six molars on each dental arch.  Each one with a particular form and function, just like the rest of the parts of our body.

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logo whMore than creating beautiful smiles, we help our patients by addressing the causes, not just the symptoms of orthodontic problems.

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