“When I first came to Life Dentistry I was ashamed of my smile and refused to laugh or smile in front of others. I didn't want to use visibly large appliances that would cause even more embarrassment. The Myobrace and the ALF appliances were the perfect alternative as I only had to use the Myobrace during the night and one hour during the day! The ALF appliance has delivered great and painless results and is practically unnoticeable. Now that we are almost done with treatment I am very happy with my end results and I am much more confident in my smile!”

Natalia – Patient
Killeen, TX


“So grateful for Dr. Medina-Rivera and her outstanding knowledge of myofunctional orthodontics! My daughter’s bite and teeth look beautiful after receiving treatment. She is also sleeping better than she did before treatment.”

Melanie – Parent
Troy, TX




“I did Life Dentistry because the alternative was surgery and I didn’t want to do that. It was really helpful and I got pretty much the same result.”

Oscar – Patient
Austin, TX