Myobrace® System

The Myobrace® System consists of a series of removable intra-oral pre-orthodontic appliances that are worn for one to two hours while awake and overnight while sleeping.  The Myobrace® System works by correcting oral dysfunctional habits, developing and aligning the jaws, and straightening teeth.  It can also help improve overall health by promoting nasal breathing and healthy eating habits.  The Myobrace® Activities are the educational component of this system and include a series of exercises to further help in the correction of the dysfunctional oral habits.

Oral Myofunctional Therapy (OMT)

A series of exercises that help stop oral and facial dysfunctional habits and promote better muscular function. It retrains the muscles to bring them into harmony. OMT can help with breathing dysfunction, tongue thrusting, poor lip seal, poor head posture, chewing dysfunction, swallowing dysfunction (reverse swallow), and speech.

ALF intra-oral appliance

The Advance Lightwire Functional intra-oral appliance (ALF) addresses the alignment of the bones using principles of cranial osteopathy.  Like no other orthodontic appliance, the ALF contributes to the physiological motion within the cranial and facial structures.  This motion can facilitate the whole body’s inherent healing potential and contribute to the improvement of physiological functions like breathing.  The ALF also addresses the dental arches form and development.  With wider dental arches it is easier to achieve a physiological tongue resting posture which provides continued support to the dental arch.  Treatments with the ALF appliance can prevent orthodontic teeth extractions and other oral-facial surgical procedures.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

Craniosacral therapy is a holistic and minimally invasive therapeutic modality that utilizes the inherent functional or physiological regulation of the craniosacral system’s rhythm to assist in the improvement of the fluid and energy flow throughout the body. Craniosacral therapy is an integrative therapeutic modality, and we use it as a complementary part of our treatment programs.



We prefer to use braces only as a finishing touch after or at the end of a myofunctional orthodontic program and/or ALF appliance to attain additional teeth alignment if necessary. Time with braces is shorter after the myofunctional orthodontic program and/or the ALF appliance has been used.

Clear Aligners

An alternative to braces for finishing alignment when necessary. As with braces, time in treatment is shorter after the myofunctional orthodontic program and/or the ALF appliance has been used.