Mindful Eating

Mindful EatingRemember our parents or grandparents teaching us to have “good manners” at the table?  It is likely they were teaching us those “good manners” in order to have civilized behavior.  But, did you know that actually the way we eat is also important for our health?   We may not be paying much attention to the way we eat, because most of the time we are on the run.  Some people don’t even sit at the table because they eat in the car, in front of a computer, or on a couch while watching TV.

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Breathless? Breath less!

It is commonly believed that in order to get more oxygen (O2) we need to breath deeper.   But, let’s review a little bit the basic principles of physiology.

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A Word On Nutrition

Balanced DinnerNutrition is an essential part of the growth and development of any individual.  We want our families to eat healthy food, but what does this really mean? We have been exposed to a lot misleading information about what a healthy diet is.  The mainstream advice for a healthy diet is mainly based on the “low fat” or “no fat”, “low calorie” or “no calorie”, “low sodium” or “no sodium” versions of processed drinks or foods that supposedly are “healthier” to consume. We now know that all these modified versions of “food-like stuff”, are not only not so healthy, but may also contribute to multiple serious degenerative chronic diseases.

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