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ALFThe Advanced Lightwire Functional (ALF) appliance is a method to align teeth and improve the bite without braces.  Dr. Darick Nordstrom invented the ALF appliance in 1982, in a process of discovery while working with osteopaths.   The ALF addresses the alignment of the bones using principles of cranial osteopathy, and like no other orthodontic appliance, it enhances the cranial motion.    It also contributes to the improvement of muscle function.  As a part of our myofunctional orthodontics program, it addresses the whole body by the improvement of the dental arch form.   With a better dental arch form it is easier to achieve the correct tongue posture and therefore the improvement of other dysfunctional habits like mouth breathing, which results in great stability without the need of long-term retention.

Our patients and parents say:

My son, Samuel, has been seeing Dr. Medina for myo-dental treatment. He has impressive improvement from severe underbite to normal bite. Dr. Medin...

M Zhou
Jul 22, 2014
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