It is an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatments that allows the correction of orthodontic problems (malocclusion) without the use of braces at a wider age range.   The use of a series of removable appliances (Myobrace®) and myofunctional exercises are the basic components of this treatment approach.

Plenty of scientific research have shown that the major cause for malocclusion is soft tissue dysfunction. In contrast to traditional orthodontics with braces, in myofunctional orthodontics we assist the patient in the correction of the dysfunctional oral habits that contribute to poor oral-facial development.

Furthermore, myofunctional orthodontic techniques can be used even with braces. However, because of the potential enamel and root damage that may arise with the use of braces, we prefer to avoid them whenever possible.  

Benefits of MyoFunctional Orthodontics

Myofunctional orthodontics provide support for the patients to help them grow without the detrimental habits that limit  ideal facial growth. Patients who stop mouth breathing are healthier, get less allergies and less infections.  Breathing through the nose, good postural habits and correct swallowing patterns allow favorable facial growth and development.  

Case after case shows that myofunctional orthodontics produces stable maxillary arch development and resolves lower anterior crowding with little mechanical effort. No braces are needed for the majority of the patients and no permanent retainers are required.

Myofunctional orthodontic techniques were used with no braces or extractions, and with no permanent retainer needed. Excellent case stability was achieved.
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