Our body is a complex system where one part can affect the other. This is why each part needs to work in harmony in order to reach total wellness. Our face and jaws, which include our teeth, play a very important role in the principal and most vital function of our body: breathing!

As we grow, breathing affects the way our facial structures develop and in turn our facial development affects our breathing. We want to keep the harmony between facial structure development and the breathing action. This delicate balance could be affected by poor body postural habits and oral dysfunctional habits. These habits may affect the child's development and the muscular function throughout the whole body.

Are your lips together?The persistent presence of those poor postural habits in our body is interpreted by our brain as "normal patterns". However, since these habits are not really physiological patterns, they will eventually affect somehow, other related body systems. Systemic symptoms or conditions such as asthma, allergies, digestive disorders, bed wetting, disturbed sleep patterns, child mis-behavior, among others, have a dysfunctional breathing pattern component in addition to nutritional, postural and other environmental contributing factors.

Our Myofunctional Orthodontics treatment program is designed to assist the patient in the correction of the dysfunctional oral habits and breathing patterns as well as nutritional assessment for a total wellness approach.

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