Life Dentistry, PLLCLife is what inspired us to create a unique dental practice that shows we really care. Some characteristics of life are the capacity of growth, functional activity and change.  Our practice is truly moved by these qualities of life.  We believe that an orthodontic treatment should address much more than just straightening teeth.
Life Dentistry, PLLC was established in April of 2011 with the vision to create a dental practice devoted to orthodontics.  We understood that using myofunctional techniques would set us apart from other orthodontic practices.  We recognized that our mission is to give our patients a unique orthodontic experience using less invasive techniques to obtain the best possible treatment results and stability that could last for a lifetime.

In the present, we are proud to say that we have been achieving this mission with passion and devotion.  Day by day we work to transform people’s lives.  The resulting beautiful smiles are expressions of those transformations.  We are grateful for the confidence we receive from our patients and our commitment is to provide our services with kindness, compassion and respect.  We acknowledge our patients using a holistic point of view because our greatest aspiration is to bring wellness to every Life we touch.

         Dr. Judith M. Medina with Dr. Chris Farrell (BDS)-MRC Founder & CEO         Dr. Judith M. Medina discussing treatment with patient and parent.
A welcoming and friendly environment is what you are going to find here at Life Dentistry.