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This is still an option for our patients that for some reason prefer this traditional orthodontic treatment. Also we may consider the use of braces in specific situations in which they may be useful like space distribution, severe rotations or fully impacted teeth.

For better orthodontic treatment results and better stability, we do recommend the use of the T4B® appliance, which is a Myobrace® that can be use with braces.  We also include some myofunctional exercises in this treatment option.

However, as we described before, there is always potential enamel and root damage with the use of braces, among other disadvantages when compared to Myobrace®. We recommend avoiding their use whenever possible.  Every orthodontic treatment option requires motivated patients, therefore compliance and commitment are always essential for optimal results.

Our patients and parents say:

I have two kids that had there braces done with Dr. Medina and I was very happy with the outcome and the friendly service. I live 20 minutes away b...

Feb 20, 2014
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