Holistic Approach

Deficient oral-facial growth and development has been identified in multiple studies as a critical factor present in sleep breathing disorders in children. Breathing is the most important function in the body and many health problems such as sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and ADD/ADHD, among many others have been associated to dysfunctional breathing and airway structural problems in both children and adults.

Dental arch expansion has shown to be an effective way to improve airway volume. However, it is critical to breathe through the nose consistently and to achieve a physiological tongue resting posture for the dental arches to stay in optimal shape. We recommend starting oral and facial development care at early ages before all adult teeth have already erupted. The goal is to intercept dysfunctional oral patterns and to support natural growth. Early intervention may prevent the use of more invasive treatment techniques later in life. If an orthodontic problem is already existent our intervention is always intended to be as minimally invasive as possible, honoring the inherent capacity to heal of the human body.

We acknowledge that the human body systems interact between one another creating a major complex system, a whole person. Therefore, our myofunctional orthodontics program is gentle and supportive. We believe in an integrative and holistic approach in which the body/mind connection is vital for developing and preserving a beautiful smile.